Local Computer Repair

Professional Technical Support

The same team that provide support to hundreds of businesses all over the Midwest also provides support to our non-business clients, so you can feel confident in the assistance you receive at NMI Technology!

Easy Access To Computer Repair

Remote Support

Our Office

Your Home

Secure Remote Support

Our technicians can securely connect to your computer over the Internet and provide support and answer questions just as if we were there in person.

  • Printer Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Software Questions & Errors
  • Operating System Updates & Upgrades

Some issues cannot be resolved remotely and will require the machine to be brought to our location or a technician dispatched to your home.

Straightforward Pricing

In-Shop Prices

Refundable Diagnostic Fee $50.00
In-Shop Labor $60.00 / Hour

Diagnostic fee applies when a repair or replacement is not made at the time of our diagnosis. Diagnosis time will not be billed hourly. If repair or replacement is made within 60 days of our diagnosis, this fee will be applied. 

On-Site Prices

Service Call $30.00
On-Site Labor $70.00 / Hour

Service call fees are charged per visit to your home. On-site labor rates are charged per-technician that is present during the visit and will be billed from the time of arrival until the time of departure. One hour minimum is required.

Call us at (231) 238-2077 to schedule an appointment!