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Network and Computer Security

You may not think you are a likely target for hackers or cyber criminals, but your computer and network equipment may make you a perfect candidate. Criminals look for easy targets such as unprotected wireless routers, out-of-date computers and improperly configured firewalls.

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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

You just finished a 3 week long project. You stayed up past midnight to get it completely wrapped up before leaving the office. A pipe upstairs bursts and floods your office destroying your computer. The good news is your insurance company will likely replace your computer, but what about your data?

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Vend Point of Sale

Point of Sale solutions

There is no one size fits all solution for your Point of Sale needs. We have several options available and will work with you to best understand the needs and goals of your business before recommending a solution.

Point of Sale support

We got this! NMI Technology was built on support. We have a dedicated team of local and telephone support agents so you can rest assured help is never far away when you need it most.

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